Hello! Welcome to my website! And if you have purchased one of my crafts, thank you again!

My name is Desiree and I am a native Mainer, crafter, and proud wife of an amazing USMC Veteran (Operation Iraqi Freedom). I have always been interested in psychology and crafting. However, I often had difficulty finding a craft project that was perfectly satisfying or fulfilling or that didn’t come out looking like a Pinterest fail.

You could say that knitting has become a coping skill and hobby for me, one that also allows me to create something wonderful. A couple of years ago, I took up knitting with looms. I love it!! I have made scarves, hats, and stuffed owls.

The owls take me a long time to knit (a day to around a week or so depending on the size) but they are so cute. I have two nieces and two nephews and I have knit owls for each of them. The end part is my favorite, giving an owl to each of the kids, I loved seeing their faces light up with joy as they hugged and admired their new “stuffies”.

I kept knitting owls and scarves of different colors and sizes. Eventually, I filled a tote and decided to try selling them at a local craft fair. This past year, I started a new job and I have to work on saturdays, so I won’t be doing craft fairs this holiday season.

My hope is that I can make a little profit to put towards savings as my husband and I would like to buy our first home.

At the craft fairs, it was hard for me to not give all of my owls away to all of the little admiring eyes. The best part was seeing the children in aww of my owls and hearing the people who stopped at my table to tell me how touched they were to see a little girl so happy to be walking around the fair hugging her little owl so tightly.


Some people also made it a point to stop and tell me that they really like the owls but that they didn’t have anyone to give them to. If you find yourself being one of those people and you would like to gift one, I would recommend buying and donating them to Toys for Tots or your local Veteran’s Service Center.

Over the last few years, my husband and I have gone to the local Veteran’s Center for counseling and I have learned just how scarce some resources are for veterans and their families; Lewiston’s Vet Center is 1 of only 3 places in Maine that veterans and their families can access marriage and family counseling through the VA. I saw a pile of scarves donated recently and they were picked up quickly. It inspired me to donate a bunch of my knit hats, scarves, and stuffed owls too.

I believe that many of the children and veteran families would appreciate any donations of food/hats/gifts, etc that are brought there. I would also encourage any other crafters out there wanting to help to donate some of their goods, and if any of my items are donated to a veteran’s center, I will make some extra items to also be donated with them.

Requesting a Customized Owl or Other Item

Lastly, if you have read this far, thank you! If you would like to request one of my items in a different size or color, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request!