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I think that finding your love can be really challenging at times. Self-compassion, I find more difficult to have than compassion for others. These are some of the things that I have reflected on since the last #BehindTheBlogger prompt. I thought that it was interesting that one of the topic ideas was “25 things that you love about yourself” but no one wrote about that.
When thinking about it 25 things that you love about yourself and are willing to share with your current or future audience feels really vulnerable and a bit scary. And 25, that seems like so many when looking in the mirror or inside oneself.

Self-compassion, patience, empathy, and understanding are things that I am working on personally. I have been struggling more than I’d like to admit. I have been looking for a full-time job and am not having a lot of luck right now.

I recently went for a job interview. It was a group interview with 12 other candidates in the room. The questions were light but the pressure was heavy; the applicant pool weeded to 12 and only 1 position. A week later, I found I was not selected for the next round of interviews. It was discouraging. Filling out job applications, writing cover letters, completing online job portals have become tiresome. It is frustrating. I am frustrated, sad, and discouraged that things haven’t worked out yet.

Self-compassion, patience, empathy, and understanding are things that I need more of. I need to love myself more. So how I find my love, how do you find your love? Maybe there is something that you can identify that you like about yourself or something that you’re good at. Maybe you can give yourself a gift of extra resources, positive energy, positive vibes, a few extra moments of peace or mindfulness.

One of the mindfulness exercises that I think of is with a clementine. You hold the clementine in your hand focusing on its shape, color and texture. Then you slowly peel it and notice its scent. Then put a piece of the fruit in your mouth and really be present with the flavor and texture. This was a simple exercise that I experienced in a group setting, I thought it was remarkable because I had eaten a clementine before but hadn’t fully experienced it like I did then, when I was fully present in that moment. Practicing mindfulness helps me to be in the moment and not focused on things that I could have done differently or wished I had done differently in the past or all of the things that I should do tomorrow.

Ultimately, I think that the key of finding your love is finding the positives in today. After all, today is a good day to be a good day. So today, why not find your love?

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