The Lucky One #BehindTheBlogger

Am I the lucky one? Are we all lucky?

There are times in life that I’ve felt rather unlucky. I think that was more about unmet expectations, sadness and disappointment. After letting go of those, I’ve been able to take a new perspective. I’ve realized that I have been far more fortunate than I was feeling at the time. Perhaps, I am the lucky one.

I could tell you about many circumstances, events, and such that have seemed unlucky, but instead I am going to tell you some of the many reasons why I am lucky.

First off, I was born a twin, and very premature. The doctors said we had about a 10% chance of living. And I am living 🙂 (My twin sister is too.)

I’d say that being a twin is very lucky. Although there were times that I wasn’t so sure about it… like when my sister accidentally sat on our birthday cake. (We were camping and someone put it on the seat of the picnic table. Turns out that wasn’t the best spot.)

Having a twin though, you always have someone with you that loves you for you. My sister has always challenged me, whether it was to be honest with myself, to hold my ground, or to work harder or do better at something. I never had to wish for a sibling or fear their arrival since both had already happened.

I am quite resilient. My parents divorced when I was young. They held onto a lot of bitterness, anger, and resentment which meant a lot of fighting and a lot of counseling. Some counselors were better than others, that was clear… but I learned a lot.

I grew up Catholic. We went to Catholic school for a couple of years before having to transition to public school. My mom slowly drifted away from the church, but not before instilling the importance of faith, and integrity in us. Do unto others, as you wish they do unto you. Have love in your heart to forgive. Diligently act in ways and dog things to be love and light to others. These were some of the things that I took in and have tried to use in my life. I am lucky that although my family is not always close to the church or to God, perhaps, they instilled in me that these things are important and that we don’t have to all believe the same things.

I have a husband who loves me more than anything. This summer will be our 10 year anniversary. I am most lucky because I have him. He’s been through war and back, we continue to experience the effects of war, but we lean on each other as much as we can. And each day we choose to love each other through it all.