Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to some exciting events in April! Thanks to Expedia, I will be able to get away with my husband for 5 nights!!!

I was the lucky winner of one of the Expedia Chats on Twitter last year. Unfortunately, things didn’t line up for my husband and I to be able to take a trip to Fiji so I forfeited the airfare, but it turned out we were still able to use the hotel voucher locally. It took a lot of time researching to find a hotel. I ran into some hiccups trying to find a hotel that would accept the coupon code, but thankfully one of the Expedia team members was very helpful in determining which line of hotels were not accepting it and how to find others that would work. I felt that the Expedia representative really went above and beyond to provide exemplary customer service (Read: I had lots of questions that could have been annoying but I received only informative, prompt replies that exuded care, diligence, and patience.) Based on my experience, I would highly recommend looking to book through Expedia for your travel!!

This past week, I also had the pleasure of having some really positive experiences in my job search. I recently had a good phone interview which led to a face-to-face interview. Normally, I get really nervous before my interview, but this one was different. I had a strange calm feeling instead. At the interview, I encountered a couple of stumbling points. At one point, I had forgotten the question I was asked and upon leaving the room with the first interviewer, I dropped all of my papers out of my unzipped, zippered binder. Both instances were pretty embarrassing, but I was able to have self-compassion. I simply asked for the question to be repeated as I quietly took a deep breath, and I was able to share a laugh as I picked up most of my papers, except for the one that the interviewer helped me with. In reflecting on the experience, I can’t say that I felt that I had the best answers that a candidate could have but they were very honest, open, and absolutely genuine.

And I am pleased to say that it went well enough that I was offered a position! I am pretty stoked! I will have split days off which I am not too sure about, but my husband and I have agreed that we will make the best of it. (Read: I know he’s got my six, and we’re moving forward together.)

I have about a month before my training class starts, and in the meantime, I am working on a remote gig as a Reader/Evaluator (online) with Measurement Inc. It might take a bit longer to finish working towards our financial goal of moving out of my in-laws’ basement as first-time home-buyers, but it seems there is finally light at the end of the tunnel!

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