‘Tis The Season of Giving

to be jolly? For many, and for myself, Christmas can be a time that stirs up a lot of emotion. I am thankful for gift-giving, it makes me feel good to give gifts. I like putting a lot of thought or time into gifts to help others feel special.

I had been thinking about giving some of the things I made to the Veteran’s Service Center. Yesterday when I had an appointment, I brought all of the scarves, a hat, and knit owls that I have finished into the center. One of the staff members asked if there were any people that I wanted them to focus on like only those that need it most to share these items with. I was a bit taken aback and wasn’t sure how to respond. I said no, I didn’t have anyone in mind, I just wanted to give them to those who could use a scarf or a little extra Christmas spirit to have them. I know that in one sense, it might be a lot to hope for, but I am hoping that the soft feeling of an owl will bring someone an extra moment of mindfulness or the warmth of a scarf will bring someone a moment of comfort, an extra smile to a military child’s face, that is what I am hoping for. And I hope that if there are moments of joy, that they are shared with some of the therapists because I know that they feel the weight of the holiday season and have a tough job too.

I hope that anyone reading this will consider giving or paying it forward to someone in need or a stranger this holiday season. Even those who have few resources, can give something even if only an extra moment of kindness.

Merry Christmas everyone!