Snow Days are Wicked Awesome #WednesdayWisdom

I have always loved snow days. When I was a young child, I loved spending the day sliding with my sister until we were half-frozen, and then going inside to enjoy some hot cocoa and cartoons while we thawed out. As I got older, I still looked forward to snow days but more so for the relief of not having to go to school and the occasional extra time needed and afforded to work on homework.

There were times that I prayed for snow days. And there was one time, when I convinced my younger brothers that “snow dances” were a real thing similar to Native American “rain dances”. I still can’t believe they bought it that dancing around in the snow in just their underwear would get us enough snow for a snow day, or perhaps they thought it was too funny to pass up. My dad was a little mad about it, and scolded my brothers to get inside. The look on their faces when I snapped a picture of their snow dance was priceless. Our family had plenty of embarrassing things on tape to tease me about, this, I thought would be my insurance for the future. I probably got scolded too, but it made me laugh too hard to care about anything else. Ironically, we did, in fact, have a snow day the next day.

There was no snow dance, or prayer for snow last night or today, but I was afforded a snow day today thanks to a local school closing. I appreciate snow days now just as ever because I still get paid since I am on a contract. I also appreciate that my husband takes care of the snow. He makes sure to shovel around my car and clean it off for me. He and his dad also work to clear the yard and clean off the deck. These pics are from our previous snowstorm.

That Groundhog Was Wrong, But At Least Our Ice Bar Didn’t Melt

Groundhog Day was earlier this month. After they pulled Punxsutawney Phil out of the ground, he didn’t see his shadow. Apparently it’s been years since he has seen his shadow…¬†Soon after that prediction though, we got our first good snow of about 6 or 8 inches. Our college has closed early and canceled one of the days, so my husband and I were able to enjoy an extra, unplanned day off together. I suppose I would’ve sided with the prediction of an early spring this year too, since we’ve had little snow this winter, and temperatures already into the 50’s.

I’m glad the weather cooled off because warm weather would not have been helpful for the recent alumni event at my alma mater, the annual ice bar. I had never been before. I was hoping to go this year though, and that my husband would be willing to go with me. He agreed to give it a shot so we could have a night out together. I know it takes a lot of courage for Steve to go to these types of events, and and not knowing what to expect, you could say we were both a bit nervous. Luckily, a couple of my friends attended so we were able to connect with them, and of course, it being an Ice Bar and all, there was plenty of “liquid courage” flowing.

IceBar Fire

I had a great time! The food was decent. I wasn’t a fan of the oyster though. I tried raw oysters for the first time. The man serving them said he’d suggest putting lemon on it since it was my first one. In retrospect, I think that “don’t chew” would have been a better first-time tip… I think I may have known that I shouldn’t, but when I put it in my mouth, I kind of thought “hmmm.. this is pretty big, maybe I should chew it…” It turns out, that wasn’t a great idea though, insta-gag. I managed to get it down though, and the flavor wasn’t bad, but that weird texture and noise when I bit down… nope, definitely not a fan! The martini wasn’t great either, in fact, it was rather terrible but at $10, you bet I drank it!

I really enjoyed sitting by the fire and that every time I looked over, Steve was there. I was glad my friends came. Most of all though, I was thankful that Steve came with me and we were able to have a good time together.

IceBarIceBar Group

Steve was so cute, he made sure he smelled extra nice, and had me pick out which watch he would wear for the evening. (We’ve been married for almost 9 years, and he still makes me blush and my heart melt.) I know he is not a fan of having his picture taken, so it was quite lovely and convenient that they had hired a photographer for the event (which is also something else that made me smile so big here). I know it takes a lot of courage for Steve to go to these types of things, and I really appreciated all of the effort he made to be present with me and make sure we could have a good time together. I was on cloud 9, and couldn’t stop smiling for quite some time after.