Cellphone Camera Lens Kit

I love technology and gadgets! I also love taking pictures! I may take too many pictures with my cellphone. Although I have a DLSR camera, I often use the camera on my iPhone. A lot of times, it is just more convenient than to lug around a camera bag. Also, when I take pics from my iPhone I can post directly to instagram and other social media sites, or I can share directly with family and friends.

I was very excited to learn that I was selected to review the Zeso Cellphone Camera Lens Kit.

Discliamer: I received the Zeso Cellphone Camera Lens kit for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.

This lens kit comes with 3 different lenses – a macro, fisheye, and wide angle lens. They easily screw into the provided Zeso clip and the clip simply clips to your phone (like a clothespin). Easy peasy.

I gave this lens kit a test recently with my iPhone 6s after I bought a new car (well, I’m leasing but yeah…). It had also rained so the droplets of water collected on the car which made for some fun pics with the macro lens. The fisheye was also pretty fun!

I found that with the macro, I had to get extremely close and then do my best to be still while I took the picture which proved a bit challenging. I was able to get most of the pic in focus, but sometimes it was difficult to get all of it to be really crisp and clear.

The set comes with a nice travel case with padding and cutouts inside to securely store the lenses. The macro and wide-angle lens are screwed together so they together have one lens cap, and the fisheye has another lens cap. The set also comes with a small, black, drawstring pouch. Given the padded, zippered case with carabiner, I didn’t think that the drawstring was necessary and I don’t think I will use it. I wish that instead, it came with a cleaning cloth which I think would prove more useful for this set. My lenses came with some smudges or film of some sort. Luckily I had cleaning cloths on hand for my regular camera so I just used that to give these lenses a quick wipe-down.

I think this kit would be great for photography lovers, as well as travelers. As I said earlier, bringing a DSLR on the go is nice to be able to snap good quality pictures but babysitting and toting the camera around is not always so fun or convenient. Living in Maine, I also spend a lot of time thinking about if I should be bringing my camera with me certain times because I don’t want to leave it in my car for any length of time in the winter. I think that this kit would be great to bring on trips because it’s all contained in a small container. It would be too bad if it got lost with luggage or stolen on a trip persay, but because it is much more affordable than expensive camera equipment, I also think this would make it ideal for travel. It also helps to take some better and more interesting pictures with your cellphone which is really neat!

I would definitely recommend this kit to others interested in taking pictures with their cell phones (and because of its design, it can fit just about any phone!).

Take Small Steps to Make Your Life a Little More Stress-Free

There have been a few times when the battery has run low on my phone and I don’t have time or the ability to be tied to a wall outlet (and sometimes I don’t have a charging cable which is the worse). When this happens, I feel anxious because my line of communication with my family isn’t available to me and the other way around, my husband isn’t able to contact me and his anxiety goes up. Not to mention the shame that I feel because I should have remembered to charge my phone earlier and I’m disappointed that (sometimes) this leads to a state of hyperarousal for us both. Other times, I am afraid that if something happens with my car like a breakdown or accident that I won’t be able to contact anyone without relying on a stranger which is not a good feeling, especially when I am already feeling afraid and vulnerable in those types of situations. Lately, I have been able to avoid this stress (Thank you so much 1 by One!!!) with the help of this 10,000 mAh Portable Charger with Dual USB Ports from 1 by One

Disclaimer: I received this 1 by One 10,000 mAH Portable Charger with Dual USB Ports for free in exchange for my honest, and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.

I’ve been using this portable charger for nearly a week now and it is awesome! I love how it is helping me keep all of my devices charged when I’m on the go. It is also helping me and my husband to have peace of mind as well for those times when I’ve forgotten to charge my phone and I’m not able to have access (or convenient access) to a wall outlet. It is also really nice that it has 2 ports to charge 2 different devices simultaneously, not to mention a good amount of power to keep up!

This Compact External Battery Power Bank has an LCD Display which displays the power bank’s battery level. When you plug devices into the power bank, it also and tells you that power is going out so you’re aren’t left guessing on whether or not your device is charging (this can be helpful to know when you are charging a device such as a bluetooth headset that does not have an indicator light).

It is equipped with a power button. A quick press will turn the power bank on and light up the blue LCD screen. After a few seconds, the screen will dim. When you are ready to turn off the device just press and hold down the power button for a moment.

Here are some other great features and my experience with them:

Ultra-High Capacity – Charges an iPad Air almost once, an Galaxy S6 2.5 times, an iPhone 6 3.5 times and other smartphones multiple times.

–I was able to charge my iPad Mini, and my iPhone 6s twice and I still had some power left in this power bank!!

Dual USB Outputs – 2 USB ports support fast charging for 2 devices at the same time (5V / 2.1A and 5V / 1A), delivering the fastest possible charge up to 2.1 amps. Seriously fast! I charged my iPhone 6s from 1% to 100% in a little under 2 hours!

Compact & Portable – 5.71 x 2.83 x 0.57in, 0.51lb. Slim and sleek enough to hold in your hand and perfect for outdoors and on the go, keep your devices running whenever and wherever you are.

–It’s only slightly larger than my iPhone 6s. It could easily fit in your purse, or pocket. It would be great to bring to the beach, boat, bbq, and other outdoor events! I’m sure this one will get even more use this summer when we are spending more and more time enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

Stylish Design – Classic Pattern makes the power bank a personalized and perfect complement to your smartphones, and the LCD display ensures easy check and accurate battery capacity.

–I chose black, but this power bank is also available in white.

Ultra-Safe Protection – Sophisticated protection ICs effectively prevent overcharge, overcurrent and short circuits, ensuring complete reliability.

–Obviously, this is super important because we want to keep our devices running well for a long time to come! This feature is much appreciated!!

The only downside that I found was that it didn’t come in a twin pack; Steve is already asking he is going to get one. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who uses most any electronic device that needs to be charged. I think this would also be especially helpful for people who spend a lot of time on the road or outdoors for work or play. I also think this would make a great purchase or gift for people with anxiety, PTSD, or other medical concerns to provide peace of mind as many really rely on technology, especially smartphones to help stay connected for care and support.